About Us

Working to Help You Build a Drone Based Business of your Own

I think this is an exciting time and I want to help you enjoy that excitement.  We are at the intersection of amazing new aviation technology and the ability to engage in business like never before in American history.  This opens up all sorts of opportunities for all of us.  Before we can take advantage of those opportunities, we need to figure out what it is we need to be do in order to be able to meet the obligations set out before us.

I come at this from a variety of perspectives and experiences.  I am a major airline captain with the 1,000’s of hours that often goes with that role.  I have instructed both ground and flight training, supervised crews, successfully executed emergencies and spent more time in training than I care to think about.  Additionally, I spent a decade in leadership positions where I was, at various times, responsible for regulatory compliance, safety programs, safety systems, flight planning and software and process implementation including developing software of my own currently in use in the operation of a major airline.  I have also run businesses and business units that range from no employee startups to being responsible for eight figure budgets.  I have a passion for aviation operations, automation, systems and business.

It is my goal to give you enough knowledge so that you can build a business that is profitable and sustainable while being compliant.   Using a team and resources of my own, I work to build products, services and resources that you and your company can use to build or grow drone based businesses of your own.   I want to share what I have learned and continue to learn and grow as well.