Overview of Courses and Books that we Offer

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We are just getting started but soon plan to start offering courses for those looking to start their own small drone business  or to build on what they already have . We are in the midst of furiously developing the courses with all the new FAA material that’s out there.  Let us know what you feel like you need so that we can look at adding your needs to the list.  We can add you to our mailing list if you would like to stay up to date on our courses and books. We will let you know what we are working on, when it will be out and what it will be about.


FAR 107 Study Guide – A electronic study guide that covers everything that you need for the FAA written test to become a drone pilot and much more.  It comes with access to our practice test software, practice quizzes for each section and numerous downloads to help you not only pass the test but to operate long after the test is over.

Practice Test Software – One of the best ways to practice for the FAA test is to take it.  We use the FAA questions as well as many others that test your knowledge on the required subjects.  You can take the practice tests as many times as you want, keep practicing and testing until you’re ready.


Once You Have Your License

Once you have your license, you have all sorts of different needs. You may want to submit airspace authorization requests or FAR 107 waiver requests.  We can help you out there.  These are particularly important because the FAA is reporting up to a 90% rejection rate, particularly for waivers because the application isn’t completed correctly.  Get it right the first time and speed up the process.  We walk you through the process and give you checklists and templates to make it easier and faster.

Making Drone Airspace Authorization Easy – This e-book and accompanying resources walk you through the whole process of requesting airspace authorization for your drone operations.  It takes some of the guesswork out of the process telling you step by step what to submit and how to operate once you’re approved.

Making Drone Waivers Easy – This e-book and accompanying resources is similar to our airspace guide except that it walks you through applying for and getting a regulatory waiver.  It uses real world examples and focuses on the regulation(s) that you want to apply for without getting bogged down in regulations that you don’t care about.

Airspace and Waiver Guide Bundle – Want both Making Drone Airspace Authorization Easy and Making Drone Waivers Easy?  You can get both now at an almost 20% discount!  This bundle includes both books which you can download and get started right away, at a discount.

Airspace Authorization Help – If e-books aren’t your think, we will do your airspace submission for you.  It can be confusing submitting an airspace waiver request.  Save time and increase your chances of approval.  Let us submit it for you.

Drone Night Flying Course – If you have your day operations waiver from the FAA, they will likely require some training.  Our course is designed to meet the requirements of the FAA in a quick, understandable and applicable way.  Check it out now!


In addition to the courses above, we have almost completed a study guide designed to help you study for the FAA Remote Pilot written test. It covers all of the required topics for the written test. We cover these topics in a down to earth way, controlling the legalize and trying to help you understand how to understand and meet the requirements and not just pass the test. We also add in some non-test topics such as privacy, how the FAA works and some other useful information you will need once you start your commercial drone operation.