Services that We Offer

Through our sister company, Anadar Aviation, we want to help you to build your business, learn how you can use drones, assess business opportunities or build your programs. Here are sample services that we can provide. If you don’t see what you need here, give us a call (203) 295-4842 or you can contact us electronically and we can discuss if we have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

Airspace Authorization

Submitting for airspace waivers can be very confusing, especially if you’ve never worked with air traffic control before.  Let us save you the time and work by submitting it for you.  We can usually do it for a fixed fee and we guarantee the results.  You get denied, we don’t get paid (well, really we refund your money but same idea.)  You can get more information here.  Let us take the worry and frustration out of the process for you.



Through years of aviation program experience, managing with the FAA, managing large and small flight operations we have learned a lot of lessons and methods to accomplish things. Let us bring our experience to your business to be able help you build or improve your business. Examples of areas where we can help you include
  • Business Cases – Not sure if you should make an investment or pursue an opportunity, let us help you frame up the opportunity.  We will apply a unique problem solving opportunity and analysis skills to assess opportunities such as new markets, using drones in an existing business or starting a business.
  • Process Improvement – As companies grow and expand, they often have processes that were never refined for growth or that were never designed from the beginning. They just kind of happened. These processes can kill efficiency and your chances at productive growth. As you add personnel or scope, inefficient processes become more inefficient driving up costs, cycle times and making otherwise profitable ventures unprofitable.  We have experience with defining, documenting and leaning out processes (or finding the ones you can just get rid of). Let us help you with scaling and growing your business and processes.
  • Automation – Today, it’s hard to have a business without automation. It can be difficult to find the right automation for the right problem. We have experience scoping, defining, purchasing and in some cases, even building, automation that ranges from websites and simple apps all the way up to multimillion dollar optimization systems.

Business Coaching

We expect that drone operators will range from sole proprietors to larger operators, all looking to scale for bigger and better opportunities. Some will have business experience and for others this will be the first time they have ever thought about having a business. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we can help you better define your business and how to get where you want to be.  We can help you define, measure and manage your goals. We will help you scale your business or build systems to help your business run more efficiently.  You can’t scale without putting systems, measures and goals in place. Let us help you do that.


We can help you and your team through management training, process improvement training and understand the regulations for commercial drone operations.  In addition to the courses we already offer, if you need a larger group trained or in person training or something custom just for your needs, we can likely help. If not, we may know someone who can.

FAA Waivers

We can help you complete your FAA waiver application, identify the right processes for your needs and to meet FAA requirements, to document procedures from a waiver or to work with the FAA on mitigation and meeting FAA requirements.


We can speak to your company or group on any of the topics above. In addition to this, we can also discuss how drones can be used to meet unique problems and challenges, the limitations of drone usage, safety issues, risk management or the application of drones in the public and private sector.

Costs and Logistics

While some services will require on site assistance, we can often help you through phone consultations, web conferences or online meetings.  We can work on a project basis or on an hourly basis depending on your needs and budget.