These are resources that we have out together to help you in your drone business. If we missed something or there’s something we could do better, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve.

Glossary – This is a growing list of aviation and drone terms.  We capture those ideas, terms and acronyms that may cause confusion. Aviation has its own language and we want to help you speak it and understand how it applies to you and your business.

FAR Part 107 – We have included the text of the actual regulations to make it easier to find information and so that we can more easily link to the actual regulations in our own text.

State and Local Drone Laws  – We have compiled all the state and local drone laws that we could find.  We are always working to keep it up to date (and looking for feedback to make it more current or even more helpful).

Proposed Regulations – It’s a changing landscape.  The rules continue to change and mature.  We are keeping a running page of rulemaking federally that we know about.  We update it at least monthly to give you warning of what may be coming and to let you participate in the process.

Drone Advisory Committee – This page lists our articles and upcoming meetings for the Drone Advisory Committee, a federal rulemaking advisory committee that helps the FAA with future drone regulation by providing various perspectives from around the industry.